Cyberstella Introduces Credit Card Payments, Enabling Blockchain Game Experience for Non-Wallet Holders

Murasaki BV
2 min readFeb 6, 2024



Cyberstella has implemented credit card payments, allowing users without digital wallets to experience blockchain games.

Murasaki, a company specializing in content development and marketing services on the blockchain, announces the reintroduction of credit card payments in Cyberstella, extending the reach of blockchain games to a wider audience, including those without digital wallets.

Murasaki B.V. (Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands; CEO: Shinnosuke Murata; hereinafter referred to as "Murasaki") is pleased to announce that credit card payments within the game Cyberstella, offered on the Avalanche chain, have been reintroduced.

While Cyberstella initially had credit card payment functionality, it was temporarily suspended from October 10th to November 11th last year due to unauthorized credit card use. The feature is now being reintroduced with enhanced security requirements.

With this implementation, in–game assets such as Crew NFTs and STL can once again be purchased using credit card payments.

The introduced features enable seamless gameplay without the need for a digital wallet, delivering the benefits of blockchain gaming to users who were not previously familiar with virtual currencies, especially non–Web3 users. To encourage more individuals to play Cyberstella, further development of the game’s features is planned for the future.



Murasaki B.V. (本社:ハーグ・オランダ、代表取締役:村田晋之佑、以下「Murasaki」)は、Avalancheチェーンで提供するゲーム、Cyberstella内でクレジットカード決済を再導入したことをお知らせ致します。







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