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— Launching a New Initiative to Improve Blockchain-related R&D and the Web3 Experience


Murasaki, a company specializing in blockchain content development and marketing services, has formed a strategic partnership with StadiaX, a pioneer in the Web3 gaming industry.

Murasaki B.V. (Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands; CEO: Shinnosuke Murata; hereinafter referred to as “Murasaki”) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with StadiaX Web3 Gaming Corp (Headquarters: Kelowna, Canada, CEO: Dan Wasyluk, hereafter referred to as “StadiaX”). This collaboration aims to elevate innovation and enhance the Web3 landscape through joint efforts in GameFi and other Web3 services.

Joint Development of Experimental Projects such as DMT

Leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, Murasaki and StadiaX will jointly develop projects in experimental areas, such as Digital Matter Theory. Through the creative collaboration of Murasaki’s team, known for their work on “Dokyo,” and the platform expansion efforts of StadiaX, a new Web3 experience will be crafted, aiming to generate innovative assets and create new Web3 experiences that resonate with a wide range of audiences.

Joint Execution of Marketing Strategies

As part of the partnership, both companies will deploy coordinated promotions and campaigns across their projects and platforms. Targeting North America, Asia, and other key regions, this collaboration will leverage mutual strengths to enhance user acquisition and project promotion effectiveness, delivering tangible results and fostering increased visibility and user engagement.

Content Development for the StadiaX Platform

Murasaki will develop games and Web3 experiences that seamlessly operate on the StadiaX platform. Utilizing the features of StadiaX, Murasaki aims to provide unparalleled gaming experiences within the Web3 space, creating an attractive platform and content for diverse users.

About StadiaX

StadiaX is a Web3 gaming platform that offers innovative gaming experiences for both players and developers. StadiaX has built a platform where users at numerous levels can compete for rankings and rewards, including limited-time events, Open Games offered to non-members, and Game Events with limited participants and EventPass. StadiaX also offers prizes such as $STADX and other tokens, along with NFTs to help monetize the game and encourage user activation.

About Murasaki B.V.

A Hague-based game and media studio operating in blockchain content development. Murasaki develops and operates the blockchain game “Cyberstella”, participates in the NFT project “Dokyo” as a creative studio, and conducts a Web3 marketing business in Japan and South Korea. In the area of fantasy sports, the company has partnered with Mynet Inc. to develop a blockchain-based fantasy sports project for the Japanese market.

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― ブロックチェーン関連のR&DとWeb3エクスペリエンスの向上に向けた取り組みを開始―


Murasaki B.V. (本社:ハーグ・オランダ、代表取締役:村田晋之佑、以下「Murasaki」)は、Web3ゲームプラットフォームなどを提供するSTADIAX WEB3 GAMING CORP(本社:ケロウナ・カナダ、CEO:Dan Wasyluk、以下「StadiaX」)と戦略的パートナーシップを締結したことをお知らせいたします。

Digital Matter Theoryなど実験的なプロジェクトの共同開発

両社のリソースを活用し、Digital Matter Theoryなど実験的な領域でプロジェクトを共同開発を検討しています。Dokyoなどを手掛けたMurasakiのクリエイティブチームと、新たなWeb3体験を提供するプラットフォームを展開するStadiaXの共創によって、多様なユーザーに共感を呼び起こす画期的なデジタルアセットの供給および新しいWeb3体験を生み出すことを目指しています。





プレイヤーと開発者の両者に革新的なゲーム体験を提供する、Web3ゲームプラットフォームを展開。期間限定のイベントや非メンバー向けに提供されるOpen Games、限られた参加者とEventPassを備えたGame Eventsなど多数のレベルのユーザーが、ランキングや報酬を競い合えるプラットフォームを築いている。STADXなどの暗号通貨トークンやNFTなどの賞品を用意することで、ゲームの収益化とユーザーの活発化を支援。

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