Murasaki B.V. Celebrates Success with Lead Investor Incubate Fund in Forbes Japan’s “Most Influential Venture Investors” Ranking

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Source: Forbes Japan Article — Who created the most wealth in 2023? “Ranking Japan’s Venture Investors”

Murasaki B.V. is proud to extend our warmest congratulations to Mr. Tohru Akaura and Mr. Yusuke Murata for their outstanding achievements in being recognized as Japan’s best capitalists in 2023 by Forbes Japan.

Murasaki Jumpstarted With Incubate Fund’s Support

In 2022, Incubate Fund took a central role by being the primary contributor to Murasaki’s $1.5M seed funding round which involved a total of three venture capital firms. Their substantial investment not only jumpstarted our early-stage growth but also formed the basis for a robust and lasting partnership.

Since our collaboration with them in early 2022, our relationship has matured into a dynamic and mutually beneficial one and has helped set the stage for Murasaki’s continued success.

The recently released 2023’s ‘Most Influential Venture Investors in Japan’ rankings, akin to the revered “Midas List” in the United States, highlight their remarkable contributions to the venture capital landscape in both the country and the world.

Tohru Akaura: Pioneering Ventures with Precision

Forbes Japan’s Top 1 “Most Influential Venture Investor” — Tohru Akaura

Taking the coveted first place, Mr. Tohru Akaura, a seasoned professional in the investment realm, has showcased unwavering commitment and acumen in the startup ecosystem. Boasting an illustrious career that began in the investment department of Jafco, Mr. Tohru Akaura founded his venture capital business in 1999 and also took the helm of the Japan Venture Capital Association as the managing director. Over the years, he has continued to demonstrate a keen eye for promising startups and has significantly contributed to the success of Incubate Fund.

His notable achievement in the ranking stems from a capital gain of 20 billion JPY (approx. $135M), primarily fueled by strategic investments in groundbreaking companies such as ispace,, and White Essence.

Yusuke Murata: Shaping the Future of Venture Capital

Forbes Japan’s Top 7 “Most Influential Venture Investor” — Yusuke Murata

Mr. Yusuke Murata, the co-founder of Incubate Fund, has secured the seventh position in the Forbes Japan ranking. With a background in internet startup investment and fund formation management, Mr. Yusuke Murata’s journey reflects a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and growth.

With a capital gain of 2.78 billion yen, Murata’s success can be attributed to astute investments, including Pixie Dust Technologies. He has served as the chairman of the Fund Ecosystem Committee and the chairman of the LP Relationship Committee and has also made a remarkable first-place finish in the 2017 Forbes Japan’s Midas List.

Keisuke Wada — Guiding the Path to Success

Murasaki’s GP and Non-Executive Director —
Keisuke Wada

As a gesture of gratitude, we at Murasaki also acknowledge the invaluable contributions of Mr. Keisuke Wada, our GP and non-executive director. His extensive experience in venture investment, M&A advisory, and management of partnerships has been instrumental in guiding Murasaki towards success.

Mr. Keisuke Wada’s journey, from Future Venture Capital to the establishment of Incubate Fund, reflects a profound understanding of the startup ecosystem and a commitment to supporting the growth of innovative ventures, and we are immensely grateful to have worked with a visionary like him.

Incubate Fund — A Testament to Vision and Expertise

Murasaki is immensely proud to be associated with Tohru Akaura, Yusuke Murata, Keisuke Wada, and the entire Incubate Fund team. Their achievements exhibit the sheer commitment to excellence and foresight that are integral to Murasaki’s core values.

We at Murasaki extend our heartfelt congratulations to Tohru Akaura and Yusuke Murata for their well-deserved recognition in Forbes Japan’s “Most Influential Venture Investors in Japan” list.

We recognize their dedication and contributions, and the pivotal role that they play in driving innovation and economic growth in the country, and we all look forward to continued collaboration with Incubate Fund.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we remain committed to fostering innovation, supporting entrepreneurs, and contributing to the vibrant startup ecosystem in Japan and beyond. Here’s to a future filled with groundbreaking ventures and continued success for all.



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