Murasaki Creative Studio partners with Ava Labs-Backed Project ‘Dokyo’

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Crafting Courage through Art: The Collaborative Journey of Murasaki and Dokyo, Both Backed by Ava Labs

A Preface

May 2023, Barcelona Avalanche Summit. A significant discussion arose when Mr. Murata, the founder of Murasaki and event sponsor, met with Mr. Brando, the founder of Dokyo.

Mr. Brando, who held a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, expressed his desire to incorporate Japanese aesthetics into his work. Instead of engaging foreign creators with knowledge of Japanese aesthetics, they both agreed to pursue artistic collaboration with genuine Japanese creators through Murasaki.

As part of this collaboration, Murasaki offered its creative studio capabilities, resulting in the development of a joint plan to create PFP collections for Dokyo.

Dokyo × Murasaki

— Dokyo

Dokyo has two meanings in Japanese: “courage” and “community.”

Its inception was driven by the vision that everyone holds the courage to break free from their shells, rekindle their aspirations, and find their heart’s true home.

It is a masked collection, representing the interplay of light and shadow, echoing individual states of the mind. Centered around the idea that the act of concealing one’s face is not a sign of weakness, but instead, is a display of courage. Together, we find strength.

Dokyo’s Virtues:
— Mission: Bring together the visionaries, creators, and doers.
— Vision: There is power in doing it together, instead of the generic one-man-to-start-it-all approach.

We exist to launch cool shit with cool people and show that together anything is possible.

We believe in the power of collective action over the traditional one-man undertaking. Our goal is to launch inspiring projects alongside remarkable individuals, showcasing that together, we can achieve the extraordinary.

— Murasaki

Murasaki BV, with its integrated creative studio functions, has forged collaborations with industry giants such as Capcom, Sega, and leading domestic digital comic publisher Searchfield Corp, as well as No. 9 Corp.

While the global demand for Japanese-style creative work is on the rise, foreign creative studios often promote their Japanese anime/manga-style projects at exorbitant costs. However, coming from a Japanese perspective, some of these works may come across as inauthentic. Of course, there are also concerns about the high costs of Japanese-style content.

On the other hand, Japanese creative studios face challenges in securing international projects, hampered by language barriers and localization issues, to name a few.

Murasaki, which has successfully handled multiple projects abroad, has managed to adeptly tackle these issues by:

  1. Operating and guiding project development in English
  2. Development and production of authentic Japanese anime/manga-style creative content.
  3. Offering such content at competitive prices compared to foreign studios.

In this dynamic landscape of creativity and collaboration, Murasaki emerges as a bridge between tradition and innovation, connecting the authenticity of Japanese artistry with global audiences, culminating in a harmonious blend of cultures and creativity.

— Comments from Dokyo’s Founder

‘It has been an incredible experience immersing myself in Japanese culture. Shin and Murasaki have been accommodating, helping us with all aspects in bringing our ideas to life.

Excited to work alongside them and look forward to bridging the East to the West.

We are as strong as who we surround ourselves with, excited for our future together.’

— Comments from Roi Hirata, Ava Labs Head of Japan

‘We are extremely excited to be able to support and collaborate with the Dokyo and Murasaki teams.

Despite market conditions, the Dokyo community has continued to build, grow, and generate excitement for their upcoming project. The team at Dokyo has worked with genuine Japanese creators and have achieved a level of creative quality that ensures it uniquely stands out.

We hope to continue to support the growth and development of both Dokyo and Murasaki in the future.’

— Dokyo Mint

Come and be part of Dokyo’s inaugural mint.

The minting is scheduled for September 19th, at 3PM London Time, and will be conducted on the Hyperspace platform at

There will be a limited mint supply of 5,555, each available at a mint price of $89 in $AVAX.

Join us on this incredible journey, where creativity, culture, and innovation converge.



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