Murasaki Partners with Vertex, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with Cumulative Trading Volume Surpassing $47 Billion, to Support Expansion into Japan

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Murasaki, a company specializing in blockchain content development and marketing services, announces a strategic partnership with Vertex, a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Arbitrum. The collaboration aims to enhance awareness and user acquisition for Vertex in the Japanese market.

Murasaki B.V. (Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands; CEO: Shinnosuke Murata; hereinafter referred to as “Murasaki”) has entered into a partnership with Unlimited Technologies PTE, the provider of the decentralized exchange Vertex (Headquarters: Singapore, General Council: Jeffrey Blockinger, hereafter referred to as “Vertex”). The partnership is focused on supporting Vertex’s expansion in Japan, aiming to elevate its recognition and acquire a significant userbase in the country.

About Vertex

Vertex, a major DEX since its mainnet launch in April 2023, has rapidly grown with a cumulative trading volume exceeding $47 billion in DeFi transactions. Noteworthy features of this DEX, built on Arbitrum, include a unique sequencer that enables:

  • Realizing order matching speeds of 10–30 milliseconds without being limited by on-chain delays.
  • Sequencer matching orders off-chain and batch submitting them to Arbitrum, providing a seamless trading experience similar to centralized exchanges (CEX).
  • Simultaneously achieving the benefits of self-custody and on-chain functionality.

These features make Vertex a standout performer, offering the performance and functionality of CEX alongside a seamless on-chain trading experience in the DeFi space.

As competition intensifies between Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, and demand for native dApps rises, Vertex has announced the introduction of a new instance, ‘Blitz.’ Additionally, Vertex has decided to participate in the “Blast Big Bang Competition,” hosted by Blast Network, aiming to expand its user base to over 100,000. Stakers of $VRTX tokens can expect new token airdrops and incentives.

Building upon this partnership, we, at Murasaki, are committed to expanding our business and services related to Web3.0, including decentralized exchanges (DEX) through marketing efforts in Japan and overseas.

About Unlimited Technologies PTE

A provider of decentralized exchanges (DEX) built on Arbitrum, offering a DEX protocol with a unique combination of spot trading, perpetual trading, and an integrated money market in a unified application. The projected annual protocol revenue is $30.68 million.

About Murasaki B.V.

A Hague-based game and media studio operating in blockchain content development. Involved in projects such as the blockchain game “Cyberstella” and the NFT project “Dokyo,” Murasaki is actively engaged in Web3 marketing initiatives in Japan and Korea. In the fantasy sports domain, Murasaki collaborates with MyNet to promote the development of NFT fantasy sports in the Japanese market.



Murasaki B.V. (本社:ハーグ・オランダ、代表取締役:村田晋之佑、以下「Murasaki」)は、分散型取引所(以下「DEX」)Vertexを提供するUnlimited Technologies PTE(本社:シンガポール、General Council:Jeffrey Blockinger、以下「Vertex」)、と提携を結び、Vertexの日本での認知向上とユーザー獲得を目的とした日本進出をサポートいたします。






レイヤー1、レイヤー2におけるネットワーク間の競争は激化しており、ネイティブdAppの需要が高まっている中、Vertexは新たなインスタンス『Blitz』を発表し、さらに100,000人を超えるユーザーベースを展開するBlast Network主催「Blast Big Bang Competition」への参画を決定しました。



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