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3 min readOct 4, 2023
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We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new and valuable addition to our business team — Donghyeon Jo, who is more known by his handle, Professor Jo.

An industry veteran whose expertise aligns seamlessly with our pursuit of excellence within the gaming sector. Leveraging their extensive gaming experience, Prof. Jo assumes a crucial role in driving Murasaki’s expansion strategy across Murasaki’s diverse business fronts.

A Fusion of Finance and Blockchain

ProfessorJo’s Twitter PFP — WASANG Juice NFT

Professor Jo possesses expertise spanning various fields, including marketing, business development, and in-depth research. He proudly leads a South Korean web3 community with an impressive 23,000 dedicated members, with his authority in the Korean market stemming from diverse experiences — with three years dedicated to the blockchain industry and a solid foundation of a decade in finance.

Notably, he played a pivotal role as a Business Developer for Alpaca Finance, a revolutionary DeFi project that reached over $2 billion in TVL. This project not only ranks among the top two best-performing DeFi protocols but also gained recognition by being listed on Binance as the most outstanding dApp on the BNB Chain.

In addition to his other roles, Professor Jo has also served as an ambassador to notable platforms such as Near Protocol, Phaver, Dreamplus, and as a KOL to Stepn, further extending his reach and influence in the web3 space.

Furthermore, Professor Jo also headed the Business Development team for OpenBlox and successfully guided its funding round, securing $5M from notable investors like Shima Capital and MZ Web3 Fund. This project had the distinction of being the first initiative under the aegis of Maezawa Yusaku.

Current South Korean Perspective on the Web3 Market

Professor Jo’s arrival at MurasakiBV coincides with an exciting phase in the South Korean web3 landscape. The web3 market there is ripe with opportunity — with everyone buzzing with enthusiasm, driven by a growing interest in blockchain technology, and is helmed by a vibrant community of tech-savvy enthusiasts.

As South Korea warms up to web3 innovations and undergoes favorable regulatory shifts, it offers a vibrant landscape for blockchain initiatives. Yet, the South Korean market is discerning and is one that requires both quality and a profound understanding of local nuances.

Notably, the South Korean crypto scene is often dubbed an ‘influencer-driven market,’ underscoring the vital role of credibility for any entrant. Successfully navigating this terrain demands more than just technical acumen; it requires a holistic grasp of local preferences, the national regulatory framework, and the pulse of global emerging trends

Therefore, with Prof. Jo’s expertise and MurasakiBV’s vision, we feel well-prepared to embark on this journey into South Korea’s dynamic web3 ecosystem.

MurasakiBV in Korea: Strategies for Success

As we expand our efforts into the South Korean web3 landscape, we acknowledge the importance of strategic direction. Guided by Prof. Jo’s expertise, we are confident that MurasakiBV is ready to embark on a transformative journey in this territory. In that regard, the following strategies may hold the key to our company’s success:

  • Korean Marketing Support: Customize products and marketing campaigns to resonate with South Korean sensibilities.
  • Forging Local Partnerships: Cultivate strategic alliances with South Korean blockchain projects and enterprises.
  • Upholding Regulatory Compliance: Remain vigilant in adhering to evolving regulations and operate within legal parameters.
  • Fostering Community Engagement: Harness Professor Jo’s community management skills to cultivate a thriving South Korean web3 community.

MurasakiBV Takes Strides into the South Korean Web3 Market

In conclusion, Professor Jo’s impressive background and achievements provide a solid foundation for our efforts. His extensive experience, coupled with MurasakiBV’s strategic vision, positions our team as promising participants in the South Korean web3 landscape.

We look forward to the journey ahead with Professor Jo on board, eager to see how our collective efforts will shape the future of MurasakiBV in this ever-changing landscape.

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