Orivium Partners with Murasaki for Asian Market Expansion

Murasaki BV
2 min readMar 18, 2024

Orivium, a multiplayer real-time free-play-and-earn strategy game, is excited to announce its collaboration with Murasaki, a prominent figure in Web3 gaming and creative spheres, to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign targeting gaming communities in Japan and South Korea.

With the strategic partnership with Murasaki, Orivium is poised to expand its reach across Asia, tapping into the thriving GameFi ecosystem and engaging potentially hundreds of thousands of gamers. Murasaki brings a wealth of expertise in marketing, particularly in the Asian market, having spearheaded successful campaigns for projects like Shrapnel and developed the blockchain game “Cyberstella.” Leveraging Murasaki’s expertise and track record in the region, Orivium aims to captivate and engage a vast audience of gamers, introducing them to the exhilarating world of Orivium.

Orivium offers an immersive gaming experience where players assume the role of leaders. Starting from a small kingdom, leaders must strive to build armies and expand into other territories. The game’s unique blend of strategy, expansion, trade and diplomacy has garnered a dedicated fanbase, and with this marketing partnership, Orivium aims to captivate even more players across the region.

Orivium invites players to join a world where every decision shapes their kingdom’s destiny. From expanding territories to forging alliances and battling enemies, Orivium offers infinite possibilities for players to strategize, expand, and have fun.

About Orivium:
Orivium is a multiplayer real-time free-play-and-earn strategy game where players build their kingdom, trade, and expand. With a focus on strategic gameplay and decentralized player self-organization, Orivium offers players an immersive gaming experience like no other. For more information, visit https://orivium.io/.

About Murasaki B.V.
Murasaki is a Hague-based game and media studio specializing in blockchain content development and Web3 marketing. With a portfolio spanning blockchain games like “Cyberstella” and partnerships with leading brands in the gaming industry, Murasaki is at the forefront of innovation in the digital entertainment space. For more information, visit https://murasaki.community/.



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