Murasaki Partners with NEON Media for ‘Shrapnel’ Game Marketing in Japan and South Korea

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4 min readOct 24, 2023

In an exciting collaboration, Murasaki B.V., a game studio specializing in blockchain game development and Japanese creative content (based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, led by CEO Shinnosuke Murata, hereafter referred to as “Murasaki”), is partnering with NEON Media, a BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning development team (based in Seattle, USA, with CEO Mark Long), to oversee the marketing efforts of “Shrapnel,” a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game, within the Japanese and South Korean markets.

Shrapnel x Murasaki

About Shrapnel

Shrapnel is an FPS-style NFT game that combines a compelling sci-fi storyline, user content creation freedom, and diverse economic opportunities. Players experience realistic combat in first-person shooter battles, take on PvP combat challenges using their equipment, and collaborate within the game’s community as members of a mercenary group called “MEF.”

The game’s story is set in a unique world reminiscent of a sci-fi film. An asteroid collision with “38 Sigma” has transformed part of Earth into an isolated area known as “The Zone.” From this region emerge rumors of a mysterious substance called “Compound Sigma,” drawing military contractors to uncover the truth.

Shrapnel Gameplay Video — [Link]

What sets “Shrapnel” apart is its user-driven content creation. Players can craft various items and maps using MODs, which are then transformed into NFTs — allowing creators to profit from their work. This includes items like weapons, armor, consumables, technical equipment, and skins.

“Shrapnel” features four economic zones, each with distinct roles such as “player,” “creator,” “curator,” and “landowner.” This ecosystem promotes a beneficial cycle within the game’s economy.

Their in-game currency, the $SHRAP token, serves as the game’s governance token and is utilized for various activities, including the purchase of NFT items and staking.

Additionally, Shrapnel now offers Extraction Packs in three tiers, Light, Medium, and Heavy, providing players with early access to the game and a wealth of in-game benefits, including Operators, cosmetics, consumables, daily and weekly drops, and so much more. The Heavy Pack also provides a giftable Light Extraction Pack that can be shared with a friend.

About NEON Media

Known as the development team behind “Shrapnel,” NEON Media is based in Seattle, USA, and is recognized as a specialized “AAA Team” for major game developments.

With a team of veterans boasting extensive gaming industry experience and accolades, including BAFTA and Emmy awards, NEON’s track record includes collaborations with global game giants like Xbox, Electronic Arts, HBO, LucasFilm, Irrational, and Zombie Ent, contributing to popular titles such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Star Wars.

Led by CEO Mark Long, NEON Media is composed of experienced and talented members. Long is an industry veteran and has been involved in the production of over 32 game titles, he also spearheaded the development of Microsoft’s xCloud.

In addition, NEON Media has raised $10.5 million from investors like Griffin Gaming Partners, Polychain Capital, and Forte, and another $7 million through a private token sale.

The Partnership with Murasaki

Murasaki offers specialized marketing support for the Japanese and South Korean markets. The business team at Murasaki is led by Professor Jo from South Korea and consists of members with diverse backgrounds from Japan, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

They provide one-stop support for Web3 businesses, ranging from project localization to PR and customer acquisition. Additionally, they offer services leveraging their unique network, promoting community engagement, and building partnerships with enterprises in Japan and South Korea.

Murasaki Company Overview — [Link]

With their dynamic involvement in game development, creative production, and other domains, Murasaki has earned recognition in the web3 gaming and creative spheres.

Murasaki operates the blockchain game “Cyberstella” and also actively participates as a creative studio in the NFT project “Dokyo”. Collaborating with Mynet Corp., Murasaki is also delving into product development in the fantasy sports domain.

Shrapnel & Murasaki Logo

Expansion and Future Prospects

As the partnership between Murasaki and NEON unfolds, it promises to usher in a new era for the game in the Japanese and South Korean markets. Together, their combined expertise and groundbreaking approach are poised to create a lasting impact in Asia’s ever-changing gaming landscape.



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